Teachers are often called ‘teachers’ or ‘teaching assistants’ in the UK, but are they really any different to teachers?

Is there a difference?

What is ‘teached’ and who is teaching it?

Teacher’s Day is an event organised by The Royal Society to raise awareness of the teaching profession and to raise funds to support schools and communities.

The event brings together the public, teachers, parents and other organisations to share stories and learn about the profession and its benefits.

It is organised by the Royal Society and is open to all who want to support a profession which has seen a lot of progress over the past decade.

Teachers will meet on Saturday, October 3, to share their experiences and learn from each other about the issues and challenges facing the profession.

If you are a teacher or other educational professional and would like to share your experience, we’d love to hear from you!

Find out more about The Royal Societiy on their website or Twitter account.

Teachers will be discussing a variety of issues, including how the profession is being affected by climate change, education, social inclusion and more.

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