The best cup of coffee in the world could soon be coming to the UK, with coffee chain Argus Coffee set to open its first cafe in central London.

Argus has teamed up with British retailer Argos to offer its range of premium coffees to coffee shops across the country.

Argos will open the cafe in the city centre in March and the company said it expects to be the “flagship” cafe in Britain.

Arguses coffee shop in central Liverpool Argus will open a cafe in London, bringing its premium coffee to hundreds of coffee shops and cafes in the capital.

Arguments has partnered with Argos, which sells premium coffee and other beverages to coffee outlets across the UK.

Argys coffee shop at St Pauls Argus is to open a café in central Leeds, opening at the end of the year.

Argues co-founder Mark McInnes said the cafe would be the brand’s first foray into the UK’s coffee scene, following the launch of its coffee brand in Italy.

The company has partnered up with Argus, which offers premium coffee in Britain, Italy and elsewhere.

Argries coffee shop is expected to open in Leeds Argus plans to open an Argus coffee shop on a site in Leeds, with a full menu to follow later this year.

The coffee chain is also planning to open more cafes across Britain.