The American conservative newspaper The American Spectator has released a new survey that examines which presidential candidates will be most likely, based on their current tax returns.

In fact, the authors of the survey believe that a Donald Trump presidency would be the most likely.

They predict that he will have the highest tax burden of any U.S. president and will be able to get away with it.

They further suggest that he would use the threat of a federal default to secure a more favorable tax policy, and that he could be more aggressive in negotiating trade deals with China and other countries.

The American Conservatives, which is based in Virginia, have also published a poll that asked a similar question, this time looking at how each candidate would fare in the event of a “national emergency.”

The American National Survey, conducted by the American Conservative’s Public Policy Institute, was released Tuesday.

It was conducted over the past two weeks.

Among other things, it asked respondents which presidential candidate would “generally be better at handling the situation than President Barack Obama, with the exception of possibly a Republican.”

It also asked the respondents if each candidate has a “clear preference” among the 50 percent of Americans who said they would be “more likely to vote for them than against them.”

That’s the portion of the population that is likely to be affected by a major emergency.

The poll asked respondents whether they think each candidate will be more “likely to take a position on certain issues, such as climate change or health care, than he would on others,” and whether each candidate is “more or less likely to take any position on the issue.”

The survey also asked respondents to estimate how much each candidate “will benefit from a national emergency.”

Those responses were combined with how likely they think that each candidate’s position on an issue is likely “to have a significant effect on how much the country is likely in a national disaster.”

In other words, the question asks if each person’s position is “likely” to “have a significant impact on how the country will be affected.”

Trump is a strong candidate among the survey respondents.

But he comes in third, behind the most unpopular of the candidates, Mitt Romney, and in third place among all the other candidates.

And, interestingly, the American Conservatives have only asked a question about the likelihood of each candidate making a good or bad president, and not on their actual tax plan.

This is not a new issue.

In August, the group released a poll asking respondents which candidates they would vote for in the 2020 election.

In that poll, Trump was named the top choice, followed by former Gov.

Mike Huckabee and former Sen. Bob Dole.

Trump is also named the second-most popular choice in the survey, behind former Sen.-elect Roy Moore.

The question about whether Trump would be a good president was phrased similarly.

If elected, he is “probably” better at managing the nation’s economy than Obama is, the survey found.

In the end, it came down to whether the American conservatives would be willing to make the leap from the political fringe to a mainstream group of voters.

The survey’s results come just days after The New York Times reported that several conservative groups were launching a group called The Heritage Foundation to explore how to make Trump’s tax plan more palatable to a wider audience.

The group is expected to be officially launched by President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 1.

The organization was created to “help the Republican Party address the thorny issue of economic fairness, which will be central to any negotiations with the Obama administration,” the Times reported.