LONDON: Oculus, Microsoft and Valve are planning to release a VR film in partnership with the makers of The Room that will feature “a cinematic universe of interactive VR experiences” using the Oculus Rift headset.

This is not a new idea for VR.

The VR movie industry is still developing.

However, the first big commercial release is likely to be a sci-fi drama set in a dystopian future, which is a lot more expensive than VR movies currently make in the United States.VR movies will have to be more realistic and realistic for it to work.

The Room is a sci, fantasy thriller that is a very expensive and high-quality film.

It has been made for a range of different budgets and budgets have changed over the years.

But it is one of the few films in which a director and a production company have worked together, so it is a natural collaboration.

Oculus and Microsoft, however, are not known for having the highest budgets.

But they are planning on using the Rift headset and the Valve and Oculus acquisition as a tool to deliver a high-end VR experience.

The Oculus Rift is a high quality VR headset that is highly immersive, but the production of a VR feature will require a lot of expensive, complex technology.

Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will have an exclusive deal with the Oculus VR studio, will have a special deal that will allow the developer of the Oculus software to make use of the VR technology.

In return, Microsoft will give the developer exclusive rights to use its Oculus software and its expertise to build a VR-exclusive game.

The game, called Project Morpheus, is being built by a new team of developers at Microsoft, including a VR artist who worked on The Room.

This is a much higher-end title than the high-priced VR movie projects that have been done by other companies.

However it is not clear how much of a premium this will be.

The game is being developed for the Oculus headset and Microsoft is not expected to pay for the content that is used.

The VR movie will not have any characters that will be playing at the same time.

But there will be some moments where one character will be in VR and another will be not.

This might sound like a lot to pay attention to, but it is something that VR fans have been asking for.

The Rift has been a critical part of the experience for many people, and we know that it has the power to change the way we see the world.

The HTC Vive, however it is also the first consumer headset to go on sale in 2017, is designed to be able to take you out of VR and into the real world.

This will mean that VR films can be produced on a much lower budget.

The film is expected to be released sometime in 2020.

We have contacted Oculus and Microsoft for comment.