After a failed attempt to save the Titanic on the Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912, a group of women were forced to leave their home and move into a hotel in a rural part of the English Midlands.

The women were not allowed to have a shower, their clothes washed and their beds made of wool.

They were also not allowed even to wash their clothes in a public toilet.

The women were a special group because they were female passengers and the Titanic was a passenger ship.

After a night of drinking and smoking in a nearby pub, they set off for London in an old shipwrecked wooden box.

They had spent the night with their friends, and they did not know if the Titanic would survive its maiden voyage.

In this photo, the Titanic is seen after it sank in 1912.

The three women stayed in a hotel with their guests.

They were not able to shower or change their clothes.

The rooms had no beds, no shower facilities, and no water.

The hotel did not have a toilet, so the women went into the toilet and started washing themselves.

There were three women staying in the hotel room.

A photo of one of the three women, left, as they washed themselves in a bathtub.

Titanic’s crew members left the hotel after the maiden voyage, which was a great relief to the women, but they did suffer from the conditions.

One of the women stayed at the hotel until the ship sank.

This photograph shows one of two survivors, right, and one of her friends, left.

It was not until after the ship had sunk that the women were able to return to their home.

Two of the four women, who had slept on the floor, had to stay at the Titanic for several days because of the weather.

On the way home, they were rescued by a man who was trying to rescue the ship.

The Titanic’s lifeboat, which contained only two people, was too small to reach the people trapped on the deck.

Another survivor, left-hand woman, had been trapped on a wooden deck in the water.

She was helped to safety by a woman who was wearing a life jacket.

Once the Titanic had sunk, it was very dangerous for people on the bridge.

There were so many people in the bridge, the lifeboats could not carry them.

The ship was leaking and the water was high.

The water was so deep that there was no place to put the women and their belongings.

All three women died on the doomed Titanic.

When the Titanic sank, it became one of history’s most famous tragedies, with hundreds of people on board dying.