When you first started your podcast, there was no way to create a list of your favourite shows.

The problem is, podcasts are really hard to get your head around.

You’ll get overwhelmed with the number of genres you can tackle, and your brain won’t have time to fully engage with the content.

But with the help of our experts, we’ll show you the best way to start a podcast that you can actually listen to. 1.

How to start an RSS feed 1.1 What are RSS feeds?

If you subscribe to a podcast feed, you get a monthly subscription to your favourite show.

You can then add your favourite episodes to the feed to keep it going, or you can download new episodes and listen to them as they’re released.

You can also subscribe to podcasts from other podcasting services, like Podbean, iTunes, and Spotify.

If this sounds like a bit of a headache, don’t worry – we’ve found a solution that’s super easy to set up and will work for almost any podcasting app.

1.2 How do I subscribe to an RSS Feed?

 You can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds for different types of content.

For example, you can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon, which means you’ll get episodes for your favourite podcasts, along with new episodes for the rest.

The first time you subscribe, your RSS feed will be marked with the podcast’s title, and you can see which episodes you’ve subscribed to in the Feeds section.

Once you’ve listened to an episode, you’ll see a new Feeds tab with a list for all of the podcast episodes you listened to.

In this tab, you’re going to see the episodes you can pick from and which ones are new.

By default, new episodes will be shown first, but you can also choose to have all the episodes in the feed be the same.


How do you listen to new episodes?

You’ll see new episodes on your Feeds list in the new tab in the top left of the feed.

At this point, you will see a green button that says ‘play’ next to the episode title.

Tap this button and you’ll hear the episode start playing.

When you listen, the episode will play in your favourite podcast player.

As the episode plays, you should hear a notification that says: ‘Welcome to episode 23, you were listening to episode 22 when it stopped.’


How does the Feed look?

Once the episode has finished playing, you need to listen to it again in the podcast player, so you’ll want to go to the ‘Play’ button and tap it again.

A notification will come up telling you that the episode is paused.

Tap the ‘play again’ button to start the next episode, or tap ‘pause again’ to stop.

It’s also important to tap ‘back’ to listen back to the previous episode.


What’s the difference between podcasts and podcasting?

Podcasters use podcasts to make their podcast.

They use the podcast to make a podcast.

While the content can be of any length, podcasts tend to be shorter, and can usually be found on YouTube or other online media sites.

Some podcasts also have more than one episode.

You will find podcasts in the podcasts section of most podcasting apps, and the Podcast section of iTunes, Play Music, Amazon, or Spotify.

It’s worth noting that many podcasts will have separate feeds for each podcast.

For example, if you’re listening to a music podcast, you may have a separate feed for the music you’re currently listening to, while a podcast about a specific subject might have a different feed for that topic.


How can I make sure my feed is up-to-date?

If your podcast is already up-coming, you won’t need to change anything to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest episode.

It can be difficult to know exactly when an episode is available.

However, we have some tips to help you stay up- to-date.

You should check out our list of the top podcasting feeds.

How to start podcasting on another app You can start a podcaster’s podcast on another podcasting service, and then choose ‘play with me’ from the podcasts options in the Podcasts section of the app.

You then can listen to the podcasts, or choose to listen from a queue.


How long do podcasts last?

Podcasts are usually available for a maximum of 12 episodes per month, but the length of your podcast could be anywhere from one to six episodes.


What does the length mean for a podcast?

A podcast can last anywhere from 24 to 72 episodes, depending on the type of podcast.

In terms of the length, the longer a podcast is, the more content you will have to listen for