Denver is planning to expand its data hub, with a new site slated for the Denver Public Library.

The library will soon open a new building at the northeast corner of the library building that is connected to the data center.

A large data center will be built in the same area, and data from the library will be fed into a database that will be accessible by the public.

The new data center also will be able to house a new version of Denver’s data system, dubbed Datalab, which is being developed by the Colorado School of Mines.

Denver Public Schools will be building a new computer science and technology lab in the new building, according to a statement from the Denver school district.

The district has partnered with the Colorado State University to launch the Datalabs project, which will bring the science and engineering community together in a collaborative effort to develop a new type of data center that will help the school district meet its ambitious data needs.

Denver officials are hoping to use the Dadalab data center to expand their computer science offerings, improve campus access, and help educate students.

The Denver Public library will also be using the new data facility to help students prepare for college, according the district.

As part of the data hub initiative, the Denver Unified School District is investing $1.5 million to renovate and expand the library and expand its computer science center.