Colombo, Sri Lanka — — The tech industry is buzzing about India, and the country is doing a great job of bringing it to people’s attention, even if there’s a bit of confusion about the terms.

A lot of the tech companies are not well known to the outside world, but it’s important for the country to be noticed, according to the CEOs of the big players like Google, Facebook and Apple.

It’s not a huge company, but the top executives are known for being well educated and have some experience in the technology sector, they said.

But there are some areas where India has not been well-known, they added.

For instance, when Google launched a social platform, it had a large number of foreign users.

So, it needed a large infrastructure, which it needed to get a good amount of foreign funding.

The Indian government, however, has always been slow to take steps to get tech companies in the country.

So India’s biggest companies have been able to get access to a much larger pool of investors, which is crucial for their growth, they told Axios.

India is a big, important market, but not one that many companies want to come to India.

So it’s a challenge for the companies to get traction there, they stressed.

“We have a big challenge.

The Indian government is not well-prepared,” said Arvind Bhandari, co-founder of Zendesk.

“We need a much bigger platform for tech companies.”

But India is a huge market.

The country accounts for over 70 percent of the world’s smartphone sales, and it’s likely to grow that share as smartphone shipments continue to grow and expand.