from The Australian Capital Territory article There’s a growing number of people who don’t want to use a hotel room service.

A growing number are also refusing to pay a credit card bill because they can’t pay.

Many of these people are on the verge of having to cancel their room rates and will not be able to access their rooms for up to a year.

They have nowhere to go and have no way to access money for accommodation, food or utilities, including for their pets.

The Australian Government has put forward a new measure to help them.

The proposed measure will help provide a temporary solution for these people, but it won’t address the issue for the foreseeable future.

For many of these Australians, a room-share rental is already a viable option, but the current rules don’t give them the option of booking their own room and paying for their own services.

This is because the accommodation rental industry is in a transition period and they are now at a crossroads.

The current regulations have been in place for nearly 20 years and they have become quite robust and quite strong.

The regulations are pretty robust.

We’ve had a number of changes over the years, particularly in relation to the age of people and the number of nights you have to book, which is not what we want to see happen.

It’s not good enough.

We want people to be able choose their own options, which means they can rent out their rooms at a lower cost and they can still book a room for themselves and their family members.

We have a lot of people coming to us and saying that they would love to have a room and that’s great.

They’re happy to go through the hassle and pay the rent, but what they’re really looking for is the option to book a suite and have a home-based meeting or social gathering, for example.

It would also mean that they can get their own personal security.

And we don’t really want people renting out their homes or apartments, either.

The Government is proposing to change the rules so that all Australians will be able, for the first time, to have their own hotel room and have their room rental income covered by their credit card.

The new rules would apply to those in households of one to four people.

For a couple to have three or more people in the household, they would need to have room-sharing arrangements for each member.

The bill to change this will be introduced in the House of Representatives next week and it will be debated next year.

But the Government wants to make the changes to the regulations so that the Government has a greater say in the industry, so the Government is introducing a bill to provide the option for Australians to have hotel room rental options for themselves.

For those who are not currently using hotel room services, there is another option.

There are a number people who use a private rental agency, such as Airbnb or Zee, and they also provide room-hare arrangements.

Airbnb, for instance, provides a range of room-shares for people who are staying at their place of work.

There’s also an app called Airbnb House that offers room-rental services.

It is not currently regulated as a hotel service, so it is not regulated as such by the Government.

We would like to see that the government, in its capacity as the Government of the Territory, can make changes to these regulations so they allow Australians to choose their accommodation services and they’re able to make these arrangements at a reasonable cost.

Airbnb is currently not regulated by the Territory Government and the Government’s proposed changes will allow the private rental industry to operate with greater certainty.

The changes to hotel room-related rules could mean that people will have to seek the advice of their own landlord and may have to choose between renting out a room or a suite.

The legislation will also require the private sector to provide advice on how to rent out a suite to ensure that the rooms remain suitable for use.

These measures will ensure that Australians have a reliable and flexible option to choose the room rental option that is right for them.

This legislation will be in place until April 20, 2020.

The Department of the Environment and Energy will provide support to the private room-based rental industry through its suite-renting program.

The suite-related regulations will also make it easier for Australian residents to stay in their home for a longer period, so they can stay longer and they won’t have to leave their home.

The Minister for Planning and Housing will continue to work with the private hotel industry to work towards ensuring that the regulations are clear and flexible.