The Bible has become a source of strength and a source to keep a faith, according to a survey published by the evangelical news site The Wall St. Journal.

The survey found that nearly four in 10 Americans said they read the Bible at least once a week.

About one in four people surveyed said they had at least one Bible verse they would read aloud, while almost half read it a few times a week and a quarter said they would do so occasionally.

Nearly half of all Americans surveyed said the Bible was the source of their faith, while nearly half of those who had read the book said they were inspired to become a Christian.

The Bible, which dates back to the Old Testament, has long been considered a source for religious and spiritual inspiration.

But the survey found more Americans now say the Bible is their primary source of faith, with a higher percentage of evangelicals than mainline Protestants saying they have read it.

In a separate survey released Thursday, Pew Research found that one in five Americans believe the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin.