Telegrams are an old way of getting news from people in places like India, but they’re also a way to get information from strangers in other countries, and Facebook is killing off their social sharing functions, like posting news, comments, and even photos.

In the case of India, where a new messaging app called Telegram is currently dominating the messaging scene, the company is planning to roll out its own version of its own News Feed, which it’s calling Telegram.

Telegram News Feeds are supposed to be faster and better than Facebook’s, but Facebook also says Telegram News feeds are just for “friends.”

It’s unclear exactly what Telegram News feed will look like, but the company says it’ll be “simpler to use, faster to access, and more fun to use.”

Telegram’s newsfeed, like Facebook’s is also supposed to come with better ways to manage its users, which means it’ll probably be easier to filter content, block certain kinds of posts, and block others.

This means Telegram News will probably have fewer, more private conversations than Facebook Newsfeeds.

Telegram has also been rumored to have plans to make its own photo-sharing app, but it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Telegram News Feed vs Facebook’s News Feed