A new and intriguing story about the Dundees afternoon telegraph service was revealed today, after a newspaper revealed the story had been stolen.

The Dundes Evening Times has revealed the theft of a copy of the Evening Standard paper in 2016, which is part of the Duntree Express.

The Evening Standard’s owner, the Independent Press Association, had originally sent the copy to the newspaper to see if it was still up to date, but the paper was later told by the owner it was stolen by an unnamed person.

It’s understood that the copy of The Evening Standard has been in the hands of a private detective who is currently working on a story about how the paper’s owner stole it.

The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph also reported on the theft in the days before the Dontons Evening News broadcast.

It was not immediately clear what the owner of the copy was, but Recode has contacted the Independent Mail for comment.

“The Evening Telegraph has been a trusted and trusted partner to the Dune, Dundee, Dorset, and the Dingle islands and we are proud to have them in our family,” said the Independent Media Group’s managing director, Richard Dolan.

“It’s very exciting to see the newspaper be used to further their reporting.”

The paper’s online readership has been growing at an incredible rate, with readership of over 6 million per day in December, according to the Independent Newspapers Association.