It’s the final chapter in the grand narrative of The Last, a tale of survival and rebirth that takes place in the fictional town of Eos.

The protagonist Joel is struggling to rebuild his life and the game has given him a new purpose in life, but this is not a place he can simply turn to.

He has to make a choice.

He must fight to save the town.

In the wake of the outbreak, the world is gripped by the fear that humans will soon overrun Eos and take over the world.

But what happens when a town is transformed into a haven for humanity and a beacon of hope?

It’s a place that Joel and his companions will explore and that will shape the fate of humanity in The Last.

After the outbreak subsides, the player and the main character will head back to the Eos region.

Joel will be left alone in the woods, where he will be forced to deal with the fallout from the outbreak.

Joel must find a way to stop a horde of zombies that is attacking his hometown.

This is a place where he and his friends are free to live and to be human again.