Televangelist and former Trump campaign manager Michael Anton, who had a “tough” relationship with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, told the AP he has no regrets about his relationship with the president.

“I think I did a great job,” Anton said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“The president is a good man, and I think he did a really good job.”

Anton said he and Trump were friends but said that Trump has had a difficult time trusting him.

“He’s had a very difficult time with the press,” Anton told AP.

“And I think in many ways he’s been able to overcome that and that’s why I think his approval rating is actually at a new low.”

Anton is a frequent Trump critic and has called the president a bully.

In an op-ed published Thursday, Anton called Trump’s approval rating “in the low teens.”

“In recent months, the president has taken to criticizing and disparaging my character, my work, my accomplishments, and my personal qualities.

He has even called me names, as he often does, while accusing me of lying,” he wrote.

“In the process, I’ve received many hateful, sexist, threatening and offensive messages.

He also repeatedly questioned my loyalty, my honesty and my intelligence.

He seems to have no respect for the fact that the vast majority of Americans, including many Republicans, hold my views and support my candidacy.”

Anton was fired by Trump last year amid mounting complaints about his treatment of women.

The former Trump aide said he was fired because he was not willing to resign his job.

“As a former staffer, I felt I had no choice but to leave my job in order to pursue my new passion and pursue a career in public service,” Anton wrote.

Anton, now an outspoken conservative Christian, also criticized Trump for tweeting out an image of him kissing his daughter, Ivanka, at a rally in Florida on March 9.

The image was later removed, but Anton did tweet that Trump was “doing a very poor job of keeping up with the times.”

The Associated Report staff contributed to this report.