By The Belfast Telegraph ReporterPosted April 24, 2018 12:33:59The Government will be giving $1 billion worth of emergency aid to Perth and the Northern Territory, following the bleaching of the Great Barra reef.

Key points:Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Great Basin’s “wonderful ecosystem” had “suffered enormously”The Government said the bleached reef was a “huge loss to the nation”The Prime Minister says he wants to “bring hope back”The Federal Government said $100 million of the package was earmarked for the Great Western Watershed, the region in the north of the state that had been hit hard by the bleachers.

Prime Minister Michael Barnaby has said the funding will be for the region, which he says has been “suffering immensely”.

“The Great Western watershed has been devastated by this, it has been severely affected by this,” Mr Barnaby said.

“It is a huge loss to Australia and to the world that the Great Australian Barrier Reef has been damaged by this.”

Mr Barnaby also said the Government was putting a special focus on the northern parts of the Reef, where the bleaches were occurring.

“We’re going to do all we can to bring hope back to these regions,” he said.

He said the money was needed to help fund the Government’s plan to create an economic benefit for the Northern Australia Regional Development Agency.

“There’s no doubt that our Great Barrier reef is a tremendous loss to our nation,” Mr Barnett said.

Mr Barnabies said the funds would also help to fund the restoration of coastal wetlands.

“The reef is one of the jewels of our coast and we’re committed to restoring it to its full potential,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

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