Telex is a subscription service that lets you change the colors of your TVs with an app.

Here’s how to do it. source Google Play store title Telex lets you turn your TV’s colors to your heart’s content article Texte, a subscription TV service, lets you switch the color and brightness of your televisions with an easy-to-use app.

The app lets you adjust the color temperature, adjust the brightness, adjust and turn on/off the color filter and adjust the contrast.

Telex also lets you control the refresh rate, which lets you see a screen with a specific time stamp or an extended play/pause button, as well as to set the time range for the display and to turn off the TV completely when you want to switch between screens.

It also lets users set their own brightness levels.

Here’s how it works: To start, select the app icon on your home screen.

Tap the button on the top right of the screen, and select Settings.

Tap TV, and then tap the Settings button.

Select Display and Settings, and check the Brightness setting.

Now tap the Brightest setting.

Select the TV screen in your living room.

Select TV Color.

You’ll see a new screen with the colors displayed.

Tap that to turn on the color or turn off it.

You can also toggle the Bright Color feature to the Brighter setting, which will dim the TV’s color.

If you want the color to be different from the default, tap the TV Brightness, and change the settings.

Then tap Bright Color, and adjust it so that the color matches the TV color profile.

To adjust the settings for the rest of the TV, tap Set Brightness.

You’re done!