Apple is now offering pre-orders for a new Apple TV with a three-inch screen.

The new model, the 3.0, is available for $349.

That’s up from the original $349, which was announced on September 23.

The 3.1 model is available starting today, and is $349 for the 2.8-inch model.

Both the new and old models come with a $100 upgrade, though Apple’s official website says the $100 “included a special AppleCare+ warranty” and “new 3-year wireless Internet service, AppleCare Protection Plus.”

For those who are worried about wireless service, you can use the new version of the TV to stream content over a Wi-Fi connection.

The Apple TV can also use a standard TV tuner and also supports DVRs.

There are no built-in speakers, but you’ll be able to play Dolby Digital Plus audio, as well as the usual selection of digital audio books.

The new version also has a larger storage capacity.

The 2.5-inch version of Apple TV has a 5-inch display, but is also available with a 5.5mm-thick plastic chassis.

It is also cheaper, but does not include Wi-FI.