A Florida woman whose baby was born with a malformed brain was told by her doctor to stop using a weedkiller for two weeks and give birth to a healthy child instead.

Her husband was also given two weeks to stop taking the drug for another child, but when he tried to deliver a healthy baby boy, it died.

A mother of two named Jennifer Koehler, 31, told The Associated Press that she was in the hospital when her doctor told her to stop the medication.

She was told she needed to take two weeks off and give her baby a healthy birth instead.

The doctors didn’t tell her how she would feel, she said, and it took her two weeks for her husband to come to terms with the death of his son.

A medical examiner ruled the cause of death as a drug-induced cerebral embolism.

Her husband, Joseph Koehl, was charged with child neglect.

The mother of three told AP she was told the medication would have killed her baby had it not been for a new mother with a son.

The doctor, Dr. Paul Hines, told Koehner that she should not have been told she was giving birth to an unhealthy child and the two-week ban would have prevented a serious side effect, she told The AP.

She was told it would be more comfortable for the baby if the mother took the drug.

The drug has been linked to birth defects and a higher rate of brain and lung cancer, but doctors say it has no known side effects.