The NRL has been given a year to work out the best way to bring the game to the big screen. 

The NRL had been set to play the game on the big screens of all its games in 2019 but the NRLPA has backed away from that timetable due to the need to finalise its contract with the NRL. 

This means the NRL will have to finalize the contract with a new TV deal, and the NRLF is also expected to decide on a new deal for 2019. 

But it is unlikely the NRL’s TV deals will be in place until after the 2019 season, so a new game is not likely to happen until mid-2020. 

It is possible the NRL could bring the NRL to TV in 2020, but it would be a long time away. 

Meanwhile, the NRL is hoping to add another NRL game to its schedule in 2019, the inaugural NRL Telstra Premiership. 

Televised games in the NRL have been seen as an opportunity for the NRL and the clubs to gain exposure to new audiences and attract new fans. 

A lot of NRL clubs, particularly in the eastern states, have been looking at the possibility of bringing the NRL games to TV. 

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg is expected to make an announcement about the new TV deals at the end of March. 

New deals to comeThe NRL has had its share of big-ticket events this year, including the NRL Telpo Premiership Finals. 

However, with the end date of the 2019 NRL Telco Premiership Finals not yet set, it’s likely the NRL won’t make any announcements about its future games. 

As part of the NRL deal with Telstra, the game was also shown in more than 200 cinemas around Australia. 

There will be more opportunities to see NRL games on TV in the coming years, including on the Super Rugby television broadcast. 

“We’re very excited about the opportunities that we have with the television rights in the future,” NRL chief executive Scott Sewell said.

“It’s a big step forward for the game in Australia, and we’re looking forward to the future.”