The 2018 London Olympics are set to take place in Durango, Colorado.

Here are the things you need know about it. 1.

The city has a history of Olympic sports 2.

Durango was founded in 1894 by the United States as the site for the Olympic Games, a precursor to modern-day Summer Olympics 3.

Durán is a suburb of Denver, where the University of Colorado is located.


The Olympic Games are the first time the United Nations has been held in the US 5.

The first American women’s marathon was won by a woman in 1892 6.

Duran is home to the United Sates National Guard and the Army Reserves 7.

The Durán Fire Department has received more than $20 million from the federal government since the 2020 Rio Olympics 8.

The area is home the University, Colorado, and the University Athletic Conference.


The United States won the first-ever gold medal in the Olympic games 10.

The 2018 Olympics will be the first for the U.S. Olympic team 11.

The team is coming off the Olympic gold medal victory in 2020 12.

The US has two Olympic gold medals (2008 and 2020) 13.

Durángan, which is a Mexican city, has been the home of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and hosted the 2024 Games 14.

Duranean is the home city of the U19 national team, the 2017 U17 national team and the 2018 U19 women’s national team 15.

The 2016 Duránean National Championships will be held in Durán 16.

Durana, the Durán city, is a city with about 6,000 residents.

Durano is a town with about 1,600 residents.


The U. S. Olympic Team will be represented by about 25 athletes.


The 2020 Olympic Games will be played in the Durango Arena.


Durania is a region of the United states that is about 30 miles north of Denver.


The 2019 Olympic Games in Durano will be hosted by the US National Team.


The National Guard has received $100 million from Congress since the 2018 Rio Olympics, and has also received a $30 million federal loan to build the stadium.


The state is home of about 80 percent of the population, with about 60 percent of Durán’s population of 4,000 people.


The region of Durándes, which includes Durán, is home two states: Colorado and Wyoming.


The Rio Olympics will include the women’s team from Durán and the men’s team.


The 2017 Rio Olympics were the first women’s Olympic Games held in South America.

The women’s teams from Duránas and the U20s from Durano, Mexico, have also competed in the menís Olympic Games.


The next Olympic Games for the US will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2018.


The 2024 Olympics will host the first Olympics in the United Kingdom, where Britain won a silver medal in 1900.

The London Olympics will hold the second Olympic Games later in 2020.