There was a period of time when the NRL’s Grand Final weekend was a bit of a ghost town.

In fact, a few years ago it was almost a full-time job to keep the event running, as well as managing the massive crowds, which made it a far more exciting occasion than most other events. 

The NRL grand finals have been held every four years since 1988, but it is the 2018 Grand Final which is now going to have to start as it has done for the past four years. 

With the first Grand Final taking place on Friday the 25th, the 2019 Grand Final will take place on Saturday the 26th. 

This year’s Grand Finals will be held at Suncorp Stadium in Sydney, with the game taking place at 9:30pm AEDT on Saturday, March 23. 

There will be a pre-game entertainment programme for fans who have the means to attend. 

What is the NRL grand Final?

The NRL Grand Final is a sporting event played at stadiums across the country and is considered a global event with more than 150 nations competing in the tournament. 

How does the Grand Final work?

The Grand Final involves four teams from different countries competing in a single elimination bracket to determine the winners of a grand final.

The two finals are played on Saturday and Sunday, with all matches being played at the same venue.

The 2018 Grand Finals featured five teams and five different groups of four teams each, with each group representing an NRL club. 

Why did the NRL put the grand final on the same day as the Rugby League World Cup?

The Rugby League world cup has been the subject of great controversy, with a number of clubs saying that the grand finals were going to be played on the Monday, while others insisted they were going the opposite way. 

In the end, there was a unanimous decision by the NRL Grand Finals Committee to go the opposite direction, and to play the finals on Sunday. 

Who is playing the grand Final at the Grand Finals?

The 2018 grand final will feature four NRL clubs playing at home and four NRL teams playing in the World Cup, with four of the teams representing each country. 

Are the players in the NRL the best in the world?

The 2017 NRL grand finalists are all in the top 10 in the AFL and NRL in terms of AFL averages, with three of them also in the best three positions in the competition. 

If you want to see what it’s like to play in the finals, then check out the 2018 World Cup Grand Final on Fox Sports. 

Is there a World Cup in 2019?

The World Cup is set to take place in 2019 and the NRL will be competing in it too. 

Will the grand finalists be the best players in Australia?

The best players from all four countries will be making the final, with Australia’s top eight players in a position to represent their country at the finals. 

Which players will play?

The four NRL sides are set to field a side comprised of their top four draft picks. 

When will the NRL final take place?

The grand final takes place on Sunday the 26-28th.

There will not be any replays during the grand round.