With its original goal of celebrating the launch on May 30, 1996, the ‘LETSBE THE BUBBLE’ campaign had a long, turbulent history.

But its legacy as a rallying cry for the internet’s future has only just begun.

As a result, the campaign’s logo has become a symbol of the 21st century, representing an important part of our digital culture.

The campaign is part of Next Big Futures’ annual digital culture festival, which took place at the University of Sydney’s Arts Centre on Wednesday.

“It’s a bit like a mini internet, a little thing to remind ourselves to do the things that we do,” says Michael Roussey, the creative director of NextBigFuture.

“We can see this in the world today where we’re trying to push the boundaries of how we can connect with our neighbours, with our friends, with the whole world.”

It was on the night of the campaign launch that the logo was chosen.

The event’s organisers say the design of the logo had already been approved by the company’s senior design team, and was then submitted for consideration by the team responsible for the campaign.

The logo was developed by artists and designers from the University’s Department of Communications and Digital Media, and features a circular shape, the outline of the word “lots” in a circle, and a small dot of a light blue colour.

“As soon as they got that, we knew this was going to be a great project,” says Rousysaid.

“They just gave us a really good blueprint to work from.”

After a few months of consultation, the team came up with the “LETS BE THE BUMBLE” logo.

It features a “l” with a circle and “bubble” around it, and has the text “Lets Be the Bubble”.

The “lets” is the name of the group that created the website that became the LETSBE.

The “bubbles” are the numbers that form the letters “B” and “U” in the “bubbled” version of the website.

“When we came up for approval, we were looking at something like a simple rectangle with a little dot, so we wanted to make something that would have the best of both worlds,” said Rousaysays.

The initial logo was initially conceived as a simple logo, but as it evolved, the design grew into something more complex.

“In the early days, we just wanted to put a dot and the number B, and that was it,” said Jason Macdonald, a graphic designer and graphic designer at NextBig Future.

“Then the word ‘bubble’ evolved into a lot more, and then ‘lots’ came in.”

The design team chose to focus on the design’s “lifestyle” element, the “lucid glow” of the dot, as the logo’s design elements.

“The number ‘lucids’ just sits on top of the number ‘bubbles’ to make it a little bit more immersive,” said Macdonald.

“You’re seeing the light, you’re seeing all these dots, and you’re looking at it with your eyes.”

The logo also includes a number of symbols, which appear in different colours.

These include the letters of the alphabet, which are the same as the numbers on the logo.

The letter “u” is an inverted triangle, while the “n” symbol is a curved triangle, the letter “a” is a rectangle, and the letter B is an oval.

“What the logo is really about is what happens when you connect,” said Andrew Hynes, the senior visual director at Next Big.

“And when you get that right, it’s the best way for us to communicate.”

“We’re just excited to celebrate this anniversary,” said Mike Denton, the digital media manager at Next BIG.

“This is an important milestone, and it’s something we hope will continue to inspire the next generation of innovators.”

The campaign also features a few digital touches.

A poster of the event is also on display at the event, with a picture of the founders of NextBubbles and a text reading “This Is What Happens When You Connect”.

A “L” and the “U”.

These words are the words that form “the letter ‘U’,” which was the original symbol for the Internet, in 1996.

The design is also available as a download for people to use on their own devices, and for those with the internet connection.

Next BigFuture’s festival, dubbed the Digital Culture”

So when you’re connected to the internet, the numbers ‘B’, ‘U’, ‘L’, ‘BUMBLE’ start popping out.”

Next BigFuture’s festival, dubbed the Digital Culture