Posted May 30, 2018 05:09:49 North Platter is a small town in northern New Hampshire.

There are only a handful of houses in the town, but they are all in the same house.

One of them is home to Nick D, who has been writing his weekly column on the Nashua News for almost six years.

Nick D writes about his family, sports and the Nashuas, and is the author of the blog Nick D News.

He is also a member of the North Platters family.

Nashua News staff member Chris Denton has been working in North Platting since 2010 and has been a regular contributor since 2012.

He writes about the city, sports, and people in the Nasha Nation.

He is also an avid outdoorsman and has worked in the outdoors for years.

Nick D has written a lot of articles for North PlatTelegraph.

“A couple of years ago, when I moved here, I had a feeling it was a very unique place, and I wanted to try and get more into it.

The town has some interesting stories and people,” he said.

I had an idea that I would be able to tell people in a more local way, so I decided to start blogging,” he added.

Nicholas D’s home is home, he said, to a “pretty interesting story” but he didn’t want to take it too seriously.

In the past few years, the town has been hosting many outdoor events, and D is known for his ability to capture the action with his camera.

He also has a strong following on social media, as his posts often get shared hundreds of times.

He has a good following, he admitted, and he hopes to continue to expand his coverage.

While it may seem daunting to be writing about a small community in New Hampshire, D said he was excited to try it out.”

I hope they will take notice of it and come see it and start following.””

I hope people will start to see this as something more than just a local thing and start to take notice.

I hope they will take notice of it and come see it and start following.”

Nicholas said he hopes the Nash-native’s blog will be a useful resource to other people who might be considering moving to the Nashauan Nation.

“You don’t know if it’s right for you.

You don’t even know if you’ll be able take advantage of it.

You just have to start thinking about it and just start making decisions,” he explained.

As a native of the state of New Hampshire who is a part of the Nashaunas, Nick said he would encourage people to do the same.

“It might be something that I can get into that will be fun, and it might be the right thing to do for you,” he stressed.

North Platte News reporter Chris Dickson contributed to this article.