Leos, the second-largest pizza maker in India, said it would be launching a brand new pizza brand for its customers.

Leos said the new product would feature more premium ingredients, as well as new and innovative packaging.

Leotos, which sells over 500,000 pizzas a day, said the brand was expected to be available from March this year.

Leots price will vary based on the size of the customer, the company said in a statement.

Leo said it planned to launch its new product at the end of the year.

It will launch in four major cities across India: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

The company said it was not targeting an exact launch date.

The announcement comes after Leos had announced that it would launch its own pizza brand in February.

The pizza maker is facing a huge backlash over its cost of production and labour.

A recent survey by food and beverage firm Nesta showed that customers who regularly purchased Leos products reported that their pizza tasted worse than a comparable brand sold by Pizza Hut.

The survey found that people were less likely to order a Leos-branded pizza when compared with a comparable pizza served by Pizza Huts in the US.

Leosters cost of labour and delivery also hit the headlines in February, with the company saying it would pay up to 1,000 Indian workers to take care of deliveries for Leos customers in the country.