Posted March 30, 2020 08:49:10The best coffee-related places in Australia are not always the best places to eat, but they can be the best place to hang out.

Here are our picks for the best of the best, according to our experts.


Apex Coffee shop in Adelaide’s CBD, owned by a Korean father and daughter, and frequented by many Asian families.

Apex, located on a busy shopping street, has become a popular destination for expats.

Photo: James Brickwood/ABC News.2. 

Dongle A place where Korean parents teach their children Korean food, while their children watch movies. 

Its located in a quiet part of Adelaide’s west end. 

It also features a Korean restaurant that is run by a former student of the family. 

The restaurant has a variety of Korean dishes including kimchi fried rice, which can be cooked to perfection in one minute.


Ekibun A restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD where Korean-Chinese families can enjoy a meal together.

It’s popular among expats and tourists alike, and is often visited by students from the University of Melbourne. 


Tofu Palace A small Korean restaurant in the CBD. 

It serves up traditional Korean food with a twist.


Korean Tea House A well-known Korean restaurant located on the corner of Brunswick Street and the Mall, just outside of Adelaide.

Korean tea houses offer the best taste of Korea in the city.


Makkoum A traditional Korean restaurant on the main street of Melbourne, serving up traditional food and drinking in front of an open window.


Bubba’s A Japanese takeaway serving Korean cuisine and other Korean fare, located in the heart of Adelaide, across from the Southbank Centre.


Sesame Cafe A Chinese restaurant in central Adelaide, serving traditional Korean cuisine.


Coco Cafe The traditional Korean takeaway, serving a variety a different menu every day.


Gee Gee’s Located in the Adelaide CBD, and serving up a variety Korean-style dishes, including the famous fried rice.


Jinhyeon A cafe with a Korean focus.


Lungs A Korean restaurant inside a Chinese building.


Sunni A coffee shop on the waterfront in the South of the city, serving hot and iced coffee to the people.


Ola A hip Korean restaurant with a Thai focus.