The beverage giant has spent millions of dollars to make the world’s biggest coffee brand the world famous drink.

But the company has also spent millions trying to make coffee taste better, too. 

In the past year, Starbucks has introduced an entirely new formula for its coffee and a slew of new ingredients, including more expensive milk and coconut milk. 

And while some of those new ingredients have made the company’s coffee taste more like a natural drink, many customers have complained about its overall taste, according to a recent survey.

“I don’t like the taste of the coffee, so I’m getting rid of it,” one person who answered a survey said. 

“It’s not as great as I was expecting,” said another.

“The taste is really awful,” said a third.

“My wife is having problems with her coffee,” said one of the survey respondents.

“It tastes like plastic.”

And while the company says it’s looking to improve the taste and improve the caffeine content of its coffee, some customers say they don’t think Starbucks is listening to them.

“If I drink coffee and have problems with it, I’ll just drink another one,” said Chris Smith, a senior marketing manager at the coffee chain.

Smith told the New York Times he has heard customers complain about the quality of Starbucks’ coffee.

“People are getting very sick of it, but I have to tell you, I have no idea how to fix it,” he said.