NEW HAVEN >> New Hampshire State Police Chief Michael Kavanagh pleaded guilty Tuesday to stealing $2.3 million from a New Hampshire insurance company, the first time the state’s top law enforcement official has been convicted of a crime.

The judge dismissed a second charge of mail fraud.

Kavanagh, 53, was arrested last summer on a $10,000 cash-for-services charge.

The charges were part of a $15 million settlement of fraud cases by the New Hampshire Insurance Department.

Kavans wife, Patricia, and other officials were also charged with mail fraud in connection with the scheme.

Kahanagh, a New Jersey native who has worked as a New England police officer for the past 14 years, has been on administrative leave since the July 2, 2018, arrest.

Patricia Kavanah pleaded guilty last week to two counts of mail corruption, one count of wire fraud and one count each of wire, mail and credit card fraud.