The WA Senate has been ruled by a Coalition majority of 54, with the Labor Party and independent senator Larissa Waters having all but pulled out of the upper house after a two-week election campaign.

The Government, which took power after the 2017 state election, is now in power for a third time.

But with Labor leader Adam Bandt retiring and his colleagues running the State Government, the WA Liberals will be able to take control of the chamber.

Read moreThe Coalition has the support of seven independents, including Labor and the Greens, and two independents.

But a further five crossbenchers will join the government after the Senate was abolished in the 2017 election.

The Greens are also expected to join the Government after the Coalition agreed to take over the Government.

A number of Liberals have also been nominated to the Federal Parliament, including WA Liberal MP Jason Wood and Western Australian Nationals MP John Williams.

The Greens have also promised to scrap the Federal Government’s carbon pricing and carbon tax plans, but they will only be able do so if the Government changes the Constitution.

Mr Bandt has previously called for the state to be left in the hands of the federal Government, but with the Government now in control of parliament, he says the state has to follow federal law.

He says the Liberals will only do what is necessary to maintain WA’s democratic structure.

“We’ve got to follow the law.

We’ve got a parliament which has the power to legislate, the power of the Commonwealth and then the power under the Commonwealth Constitution to change the laws,” he said.

“The Greens have a lot of different things they’re saying, but what I think we need to do is to look at the legislation we’re talking about, look at what the Commonwealth is doing and look at how we can work together with them.”

Mr Wood said the Government had failed to deliver on key promises, including removing the Barnett formula that allocates money for the states.

“This is a state that is still suffering from the effects of the Barnett Formula, that is going to need a very different set of policies than they’ve put forward for a long time, ” he said, arguing the Barnett system had “not been fair” to the state.

“They’ve been trying to impose on us and they’ve been using every avenue to do so.

They’ve not delivered the promised jobs and growth.”

Labor and the Nationals are also backing the Government’s policy of allowing the sale of WA’s coal industry, despite warnings from a former Greens leader that it could threaten the state’s mining industry.

Mr Bandts Coalition Government has been under heavy criticism for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including its failure to provide any financial help for those affected.

It was criticised by the Greens for its failure, after it was revealed the WA Government had received more than $1 million in Commonwealth funding to fight the coronovirus.

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