Happy’s Pizza is back in the news.

 The chain is back with a new look and is taking orders online.

The chain will also open two stores in the Melbourne CBD.

Its return to the headlines comes as the ABC reports more restaurants are opening in Melbourne’s CBD this year.

They are: Mornings at Happy’s is expected to open next week, but has not yet announced when.

It will offer a range of pizzas including a Pizza Queen, which is served in an ice cream cone.

Mountain King will open in early March.

Dunkin Donuts will open at the end of March.

 The chain has been making headlines for a few years now, thanks to its signature Happy Meal and Happy Hour programs, which offer special deals for the chain’s customers.

In March 2018, the chain introduced the first-ever breakfast buffet with Happy Meal, which included a $25 off meal, and Happy Meal+ for $50 off.

Happy’s was also a top 20 employer in 2018 and was ranked #2 in Australia by The Australian’s Best Employers Index.

As well as opening restaurants, the restaurant chain has expanded its online presence, launching an Instagram and Snapchat account last year.

Happy’s opened a cafe in the city in 2018, and plans to expand into Melbourne’s central business district.

For more on the chain, check out our post about the Happy Meal event.

Starbucks is back on the news for a very different reason.

After losing its coveted place in Australia’s top 10 restaurant brands, Starbucks will be relaunching in 2018 with a number of new and improved locations in Melbourne.

More news:  Starbuck Australia is relaunches in Melbourne with new locations in Victoria and New South Wales, including in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Starbucks Australia (@starbucks) February 10, 2019 Starkey is launching its own franchise in Melbourne next month, which will open on January 30.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with the newly rebranded Starkey to bring our customers the best selection of Starbucks coffee and espresso in the capital.

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