The video below is a quick primer on how to create a teaser video that will catch the attention of your audience.

There’s no reason to waste time creating your own, but here’s what you need to know to get started.


Make sure you use a black and white video background.

If you don’t, your video won’t capture the attention that your title should.

It’s best to use a dark black background with your teaser video.


Don’t be afraid to take a few shots at your teaser.

The best teaser videos can be used for multiple purposes.

A good teaser will give your audience a sense of anticipation and hopefully help you land an interview.


Set up your title.

The title should start off with your name, a tagline, and some sort of announcement.

It should include a quick message and link to your landing page.


Make your teaser clickable.

Clicking your teaser will take your audience on a short journey through your site, and give them a reason to keep scrolling through your content.


Set a good starting price.

A decent price tag can go a long way towards getting your teaser viewed by your target audience.

The higher the price tag, the more likely they will keep coming back for more.


Have a title that will give people an idea of what to expect.

It could be an article or a series of stories, or maybe just your basic news article.


Make the teaser relevant.

The more interesting your teaser, the better.

The link to the landing page is a great place to put a brief description of what you’re offering, but don’t forget to give it a sense that you’re going to be offering something new.


Be creative.

You don’t need to make a video that looks like a promotional video, but there’s a certain aesthetic to teaser videos.

It might be a series that takes place in a white castle, a video of a bird, or a video about your favorite band.

Make a teaser that appeals to your audience and keeps them coming back.


Don: 1.

Use the same title and tagline for all your videos. 2